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OvaTel Ovulation Test Kit

Fertility Tech, inc. has spent the last decade designing the best possible Saliva Ovulation Monitor for women. Its latest version is OvaTel 3.0.

After years of redesign we feel we have finally perfected OvaTel to its optimum form. After reviewing the product and taking in feedback from both patients and medical professionals we’ve increased the size of the lens to make viewing results easier to see, streamlined the focus feature, and added a cavity/groove for easy saliva placement.

Vastly unlike any other ovulation monitor on the market, OvaTel is now the only superior solution available today. > more


OvaTel Ovulation Test kit

We strive to improve the lives of women during a time in their lives when conceiving has become a challenge.


Each day, millions of men and women decide that they are ready to conceive. Usually, this decision is followed by the happiness and joy of discovering they are now pregnant. Unfortunately, infertility affects millions of couples each year who are trying to conceive. View resource center for more on infertility.


The statistics on infertility increase alarmingly every year. Women are now turning to all available tools to help them achieve pregnancy. One such tool is OvaTel. OvaTel is the most advanced Saliva Ovulation Monitor currently available on the market.


The newest version OvaTel 3.0 which is set to launch in the beginning of 2010 is now superior in every way to its predecessor. The new OvaTel 3.0 was scientifically redesigned with the consumer in mind.


Fertility Tech, Inc. surveyed its customer base to find out how they could redesign OvaTel to make it easier to use. Each issue was met and OvaTel 3.0 was born.


OvaTel 3.0 what’s new?
Fertility Tech, Inc. has kept the signature OvaTel shape and color. The primary changes were focused on the lens and slide. OvaTel 3.0 now offers a larger more powerful lens. The new lens is now a fixed focus lens, the only of its kind in the saliva ovulation market. The slide now houses a cavity/hole to ensure the correct amount of saliva is placed in the correct spot.


We are proud of the effort and dedication that went into the newly designed OvaTel 3.0

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