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When it comes to a women’s reproductive health we are dedicated to empowering all women through knowledge.


We at Fertility Tech, Inc. are inspired by the challenges women face when trying to conceive. Our company’s objective is to empower women through knowledge. We show women the importance of a healthy reproductive system and educate women on how to take control of their own health through prevention. Fertility Tech, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of OvaTel Saliva Ovulation Monitor.


Our products are designed to teach women how to monitor and detect potential problems related to their reproductive health. Patients and medical professionals alike benefit from our products as they are affordable, reliable and easy to use.


While we work to develop innovative solutions for women and healthcare professional, we also work hard to make sure they are affordable and simple to incorporate into their daily lives.  We offer First Step tools for both patients and physicians in determining if there may be any underlying medical conditions that need further testing. Our EDRH Plan “Early Detection Reproductive Health Plan” is ideal for both women and physicians.


Our mission today and tomorrow is to create added value in healthcare by focusing our expertise in female reproductive system.



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Fertility Tech, Inc. is a leading provider of affordable ovulation monitor and menstrual cycle information. Our company's dedication is to empower women to better understand the importance of a healthy reproductive system. Our products are currently sold in many parts of the world.



1997       Founded as Fertility Tech, Inc. in Boca Raton, Fl., USA
2001       First production of OvaTel 0.1
2003       OvaTel 2.0 is launched. A new and improved version appears on the market.
2003       FDA clearance  
2005       The Federal Service of Health Care, and Social Development Control authorize OvaTel to be sold in Russia.
2007       The Brazilian Ministry of Health (ANVISA) grants OvaTel the right to be marketing in Brazil.
2008       OvaTel is granted the right to be sold in Vietnam
2009       Applications to the Ministry of Health in: Mexico, Indonesia, and Nigeria are deposited.
2009       OvaTel 3.0 is completely redesigned. OvaTel 3.0 is the first of the saliva ovulation monitors to redesign the lens from a twist focus lens to a fixed focus lens.
2009       MyCycleDiary.com is launched. A new purpose and need for OvaTel has created much excitement among doctors and distributors.



Fertility Tech, Inc. is dedicated to the research and development of new products and tools to assist women in their reproductive health.
The 2009 launch of MyCycleDiary.com was a great success for Fertility Tech, Inc. The company’s creative approach to using OvaTel to chart a cycle diary and the health benefits for both medical professionals and women is noteworthy.
Fertility Tech, Inc. is currently working on a clinical trial that could change the industry. Results are expected in 2010.


Key Employees

Gerard Gontier – President and owner
Camie Gontier – Marketing director
Ray Rogers – Manufacturing and design development

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